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Greetings! You faceless mass of potential readers. Anime Cataclysm is my space on the Intranet where I write about anime. If you are not entirely familiar with the word anime, you should probably turn around and march out of the door with all due haste, before it sucks you into its inescapable folds, at the cost of your social life, your soul and more importantly, your wallet. Well, I hope to do the reviews of some selected anime in week-by-week blog posts and also the reviews of anime of every upcoming season! 

So, a little about Myself!

Hi Guys! I'm Daniel, an ordinary guy living an ordinary life in New Jersey who always thought of sharing his worthless opinions on anime to anonymous people all around the corners of the world and Hey! atleast now I'm a blogger while you're still not an astronaut. I also dream of visiting Japan some day and see for myself the real otaku culture.

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kitsune and neko said...

This is a very neat blog design you adopted (minimalistic, easily navigated, with nice square accents here and there) and it does stand out from the rest. I firmly believe in good first impression, especially when we talk about blogs that focus on reviews, of which there's no scarcity out there . As far as the reviews goes, there's room for improvement. I'm not a critic, as in I haven't studied such a thing, but I noticed a few things:
a. your ratings might not match the introduction of your post like in Darker Than Black review (if it was just ok to watch wouldn't it be 3 instead of 4 stars)?
b. your rating system isn't broken down to factors but feels almost like randomly assigned, which might be a minus if you go for a more logical evaluation. This might help balance the lack of experience, because the more you watch the more your standards raise, especially within the same genre or among titles with similar premise (eg. SAO might have been fun for you and many others but if you compare it with the Greed Island arc of Hunter x Hunter, it pales character-wise, even action-wise).
c. when you talk about characters you need to link the adjectives you use with examples of actions that explain your opinion. For example, in your Maoyu review you talk about well placed characters -what does this mean? If you say that x character is a diplomat that doesn't say much about their personality.
d. I get a feeling, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, that you try to be objective. I can understand that you might want your words to capture a part of 'truth' but people will follow you for your voice and how much you can share your passion on the things you liked. In other words I don't get much excitement from your texts. It doesn't need to be a text full of kyah~ and hnn~ or random general statements of fangasming, but it doesn't need to be an almost flat description (particularly true for the top10 anime). It's kind of hard when spoilers are to be avoided, but it isn't unachievable. After all someone who doesn't want to get spoilered must nowadays stay away from any social media platform and possibly not read reviews either.
d. since you blog about anime, which is all about pictures, I'd find it a plus if there were more pictures in the animation section (compile many into one) and perhaps even some links to music pieces (though this is kinda hard at the rate at which things are taken down from music platforms).
This is just my advice that I hope helps you in the future. Keep up the good work!

Hell Bolt said...

Thank you very much for your advice on my blog Kitsune, I'll try to improve the few thing you have pointed out about my writing. But as far as my rating system is concerned, I've a 5 Star Rating System and I give each star for a certain criteria ; Story, Characters, Animation, Sound and Enjoyment thus they're not randomly assigned by me!

miharusshi said...

Hello! Your blog is so neat! I like it! :) And I look forward to reading your posts from now on. Seems like we started anime blogging almost simultaneously. Cheers to us and our years ahead in the anime blogosphere!

Hell Bolt said...

Hello Miharusshi! Thank You Very Much for your feedback on my blog. Cheers to us and our years ahead in the anime blogoshphere!

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