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There are a lot of new anime on the air right now and it can be more than a little difficult to know which ones to watch. That is why, I would like to recommend 10 Anime that you won't regret watching and will instantly fall in love with ANIME after watching them!

1. Bakuman

Bakuman is my all time favorite anime. It’s not philosophical, cynical, depressing or about the downfall of humanity. It’s not the anime to end all anime either. I just love it because it was so fun to watch. I forgot about my problems for 75 episodes and that’s why I watch anime, to have fun! There is probably a lot more I want to say but can't say in this short summary. So, I highly recommend it to you and request you to give it a try.

2. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is one of my first anime watched and still favorite, because of the epic impression it left me, it will probably stay special to me for a long time. The anime grabs you from the reality and puts you into a desprate world where humanity fights for it's very survival that is why I would recommend this show for anyone who is looking for a thrilling and on 'the edge of your seat' experience, but take note that this is heavy dystopian fantasy anime and if you don’t feel an urge for something like that, I would suggest to wait till it comes back!

3. Darker Than Black

Darker than Black was an unique, one of a kind anime and it was pleasurable to watch. It contained its fair share of comedic moments, loaded with action, highly entertaining, and it leaves the viewer wanting more. If there was one weakness in this series, it was the ending, which was unfortunately rather inconclusive. I believe that Darker than Black is a must watch for anyone, It will definitely not leave you disappointed! (Over 140,000 people agree.)

4. Gundam 00

Gundam 00 is my most favorite mecha anime and it is by no means a deep show, it's the Gundam we all know and love, with the usual war themes and ideology, all wrapped up in HD goodness. For newcomers, this anime is a fantastic introduction to the franchise. All-around it's a solid show. Gundam 00 proves once again how sitting in a cockpit while shouting out morals and personal philosophies is a win-win formula even after almost thirty years since its debut!

5. Hyouka

Hyouka is my most favorite slice-of-life anime and it is completely unpretentious and brilliantly executed. I know there are a lot of people out there who hate on slice-of-life anime because it's full of manipulative nonsense meant to make the viewer go 'aww'. But this anime does none of that. It shows you why, ironically enough, considering the main character, ordinary life can be exciting and energizing and how that ordinary life, ordinary pleasures, ordinary amounts of logic, thinking, and effort can indeed result in something extraordinary!

6. Bakemonogatari

To be blunt, I just enjoyed watching Bakemonogatari... so I want to watch more! Also, You just have to watch it. That’s all there is to it. The show is a work of art: gorgeously animated, sonic-ally lush and expertly written. Bakemonogatari is a unique experience in a weird way, and if you like anime at all, you owe it to yourself to watch this incredible series. I’m out of words. I can’t praise this anime enough. Just beware of the sexual content that pops up here and there.

7. Noragami

Noragami is a great blend of comedy and the supernatural, a character-driven show that really gets you to feel and has a tone that tends to capture. Beneath it all are underlying tones of darkness and grief, but still manages to put on a lighthearted tone when it needs to. I had a great time watching the ride and grew attached to it. This anime will most definitely have a little reserved corner in my heart as one of the greatest anime of the 2014!

8. Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco was a strange animal. Despite its conventional appearance, it was full of twists and turns and it’s pretty hard to find a show like this where you truly don’t know what to expect. It may be for this very reason that this show was received with such widespread negative reception! Though I admit that it's a bit quirky and many would say that this anime isn't quite sure what it wants to be. But Now when I've finished it, I can say that I’m very glad I stuck with it as I enjoyed it thoroughly and that the writers had a clear objective in mind, even though the execution of that vision wasn’t always apparent.

9. Sankarea

Sankarea had the potential to be a great one but merely remained a good one because of the shocking turn of events in the series's final minutes. Still, I enjoyed this series greatly and the greatest quality of this anime shines through in its dramatic elements, however, it takes a concept ripe with possibilities for absurdity and silliness and dares to treat it seriously! And So, On the whole this series is DEFINITELY worth watching and If you haven't already, add it to your list, and start watching!

10. Kyoukai no Kanata

Kyoukai no Kanata stands at the basis of simplicity and is displayed as it is without sounding so deep or pretentious or dramatic. But, because it started at that very simple idea, because of great directing, multi-layer subtlety, and a very long foreshadowing, it entices the viewer to at least pay attention to a bit of exposition without feeding needless explicit argument for the sake of understanding. And As a fantasy darkness anime, you cannot be certain on anything. Just about anything could have been done for the final episode, and the way it was ended was great. I believe it's as Akihito would say a "bespectacled beauty" and it's my pick for a quality anime.


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